Urban Decay’s Oz The Great And Powerful “Glinda” Palette, Photographs, Review, & Swatches


I have been looking forward to the release of Disney’s Oz The Great And Powerful for awhile now, and this palette just knocked it out of the park for me. Urban Decay’s Glinda Palette is limited edition and based off of the “good witch” we’ve come to know and love. As a child, I sat in front of my TV and watched the original Wizard of Oz thousands of times on my little VCR tape (I’m dating myself here). I was always struck by Glinda’s gleaming pink gown and her flowing, fiery red hair. I knew this palette was a must have for me from the very beginning, and trust me, once you peek inside at swatches, you’ll see just how gorgeous this palette is because it depicts Glinda perfectly!








The packaging on this palette is like a dream. The colors, the text, the photograph of Michelle Williams as Glinda…all of it comes together to bring you that warm, fuzzy feeling you get if you remember Glinda the good witch as I do. If you get a chance to pop into Ulta, you should check out the actual Urban Decay display for these two palettes. The set up is almost like a mini Disney World-esque display that brings the movie to life. There is also a “Theodora” palette which is darker and edgier, to depict the bad witch. The packaging of this particular palette though is very fairy-tale like and I can’t stop staring at it. Inside, there is a card with a face chart on it, describing how you can get Glinda’s makeup look.




The palette also comes with one of Urban Decay’s Super Saturated High-Gloss Lip Colors in “Glinda.” The color is fairly nude with a hint of color and some shimmer.


"Glinda" Lip Color



The palette contains six pots of brand new eyeshadows from Urban Decay, although two of the pots are split into two shades, technically giving you eight brand new eyeshadows.



Each eyeshadow is individually placed in an eyeshadow pot and can be lifted up and taken out of the actual palette. You can see in the bottom left where I lifted the eyeshadow out of the palette and nicked the actual eyeshadow. Needless to say, I don’t really see a reason for me, personally, to take the eyeshadow out, so I’ll be leaving all of them right in the actual palette.




The palette also comes with one of Urban Decay’s 24/7 Eye Pencils, which are my favorite ever. The Glinda Palette comes with “Rockstar,” which is a dark, deepened violet shade. This is a great alternative to black, and it will especially make brown and green eyes pop!



The Eyeshadow Swatches:






Tornado is a deep violet shade with a ton of metallic shimmer in it. Gor-geous. I mean this shade is everything I could ever want in a purple eyeshadow. It is so super saturated with color that one swipe of my finger was enough to put down the color you see in the swatch above.






Aura is one of the most awesome surprises in an eyeshadow ever. The shades look like plain old pastel blue and pink toned champagne shades until you apply them. The duo-chrome in these two are amazing. Alone, they flash a champagne color but also either blue or pink. If you were to apply these over a dark base, such as black, you’d see the duo-chrome effect come out even more. These were so pigmented and so unique and lovely. Love, love, LOVE.





Magic is a lavender pink shade that has a golden sheen to it. This one was hard to properly catch on camera because the golden sheen is subtle, but still noticeable when you tilt the swatch to the left and to the right. The shade is light and feminine, but still very pigmented. That golden reflect is what gives this shade that jump from ordinary to extraordinary.





Illusion is the poor shade I accidentally nicked while trying to take it out of the palette. It’s a really pretty peachy champagne shade that has a nice shimmer to it. This would be a great highlighter for your cheekbones, inner corners of your eyes, and your brow bone!





Oz is pure metallic perfection. These are probably hands down the two most pigmented, rich, opaque metallic gold and silver eyeshadows I have in my entire makeup collection. Each one has some micro-glitter in it, making it that much more beautiful. I don’t even know what to say about these two except that my jaw dropped when I swatched them. They are even more stunning in real life, and while they leave a tiny bit of fallout from the glitter, it’s nothing I wouldn’t easily work with just for the insanely rich metallic color payoff. These two might be my favorite in the entire palette.






South is a metallic gray, almost pewter color. Again, perfect pigmentation that took just one swipe of my finger to put down opaque color. This shade will look beautiful with some of the more feminine colors in the palette such as “Tornado” and “Magic.”





Overall: I cannot think of one thing that I disliked about this palette at all. The eyeshadow shades were unique and richly pigmented, yet soft as velvet and easily blendable. The palette’s packaging is beautiful for a Wizard of Oz lover, as well. If you’re into a mixture of lighter, more feminine colors, but also metallic shades, this palette will do it for you. I’m glad I snagged this palette and I know I’ll be using it non-stop.




The Urban Decay Glinda Palette is limited edition and retails for $49.00 USD. This palette is available for purchase at Sephora and Ulta stores nationwide, as well as online at Urban Decay’s website. There is also a “Theodora” Palette available, which represents the bad witch in the movie, and comes with darker, edgier packaging and eyeshadow shades.






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