LORAC Pro Palette 2 Swatches, Review, & Makeup Look


When I first heard news about the LORAC Pro Palette 2, I was ecstatic. The original LORAC Pro Palette is hands down my favorite eyeshadow palette of all time. I use it the most, and I’ve hit pan on many of the shades inside of it. In other words, the sequel to the original palette had very high standards to live up to in my eyes. This palette is shaped and packaged the exact same way as the original, with sixteen eye shades total. The packaging on the first palette is black, whereas this one is a dark grey shade. The most notable difference is that this palette contains much cooler toned hues than the original. It made me nervous since I’m not typically a cool-toned eyeshadow wearer, but please¬†trust me when I say that I was emphatically and happily shocked when I swatched this palette. It’s 100% L-O-V-E again. (more…)

MAC Deeply Dashing & MAC Rule Eyeshadow: Simple, Warm Eyeshadow Look



I found a new favorite combination of eyeshadow shades recently! It’s super simple and requires only 2 shades. I am using MAC Deeply Dashing Pressed Pigment and MAC Rule Eyeshadow. Rule is a matte peachy-orange, and it’s a great crease shade for transitioning colors, or even as a stand-alone shade like in this look. Deeply Dashing is a gorgeous chocolate brown shade with loads of shimmer and reflects in it, and it looks beautiful in contrast to the matte texture of Rule in the crease. If you want to see more pictures, a full tutorial, and a full product list, (more…)

Hum Nutrition Runway Ready Vitamins Review


I am a huge believer that beauty starts from within. There are just some people who radiate from within, from happiness and health, and it reflects on the outside. When you take care of your body from the inside, your hair, skin, and nails will reflect that. I notice during times when I go back to eating more junk food, exercising less, and drinking less water that my skin looks more dull, my nails get brittle, and my skin breaks out. HUM Nutrition Runway Ready Vitamins are perfect for maintaining healthy hair, skin, and nails on a daily basis, even if you do slip up occasionally with your bad habits like I do. These are specifically designed to give your body the nutrients it needs to maintain and support healthy hair, skin, and nails. I have my full review inside, (more…)

Fall 2014: NARS Cosmetics “Unlawful” Blush Swatches & Review


I know that I say this every season, but I still cannot believe we are on Fall 2014 already. The summer has flown by and while summer is a wonderful time of year, I find myself now daydreaming about my favorite season (autumn). I have been itching for the cooler days of boot weather and the darker makeup that fall calls for. The Fall 2014 NARS Cosmetics Collection is called Night Caller and it’s all about an ultra saturated, dramatic color palette. NARS “Unlawful” Blush is one of the focus items of the collection and it is absolutely stunning. I’ve got full swatches inside, as well as my thoughts. I’ve also got some gorgeous promo photographs of the NARS Night Caller Collection! (more…)

Too Faced Country Palette Makeup Look



I recently swatched and reviewed the new Too Faced Country Palette here. I decided to put together a look for the blog, as I always do, so you can see the shades in action and how pigmented they are. I was especially impressed by the purple-grey shade in the palette because it’s so unique. I put together a smokey eye that differs from your traditional shades and looks more on the smokey blue and grey side. What I love most about these shades though is how the colors look slightly different depending on the lighting. Full tutorial and more pictures inside, (more…)

Too Faced Country Eyeshadow Palette Swatches & Review



I recently featured the Too Faced Rock n Roll Eyeshadow Palette which is part of a new release of palettes by Too Faced. The other half is this gorgeous Too Faced Country Palette, which is all about Nashville Nudes and southern culture. This palette is, in general, much more soft and for someone who likes more neutral, cool-toned shades. I fell in love with this palette after swatching it and can honestly say that both this palette and the Rock n Roll one are fantastic in quality and pigmentation. I’ve got full swatches and my thoughts inside, (more…)

NEW! Rimmel London Colour Rush Balm Swatches & Review


I was very eager to try out these new Rimmel London Colour Rush Balms because they claim to put down really opaque, rich color. I love these lip “crayons” so much. They make applying lip color so easy because it’s literally like coloring when you were a kid. You can get really precise, sharp lines and not worry about the product feathering outside of your lips. I have 4 of these for you today and full swatches inside, (more…)

28 Days of Freedom with Veet Wax!


Every year when the weather gets warm there is the always impending duty of keeping your body hair away and your skin smooth and summer ready. I will be the first to admit that I dislike shaving because it just doesn’t last and I consider myself to be a busy woman (like many of you, I’m sure). I stay smooth with Veet Wax and the results last. I like not having to carry around my razor with me if I’m traveling and I especially love not having to think about my body hair because quite frankly, I’d much rather be thinking of all the fun activities I do all summer long! (more…)

Shimmering Black Smokey Eye with an Orange Crease!



Today I decided to sit down and have one of my epic “random makeup sessions.” When these moods strike, I sit down at my vanity and just start grabbing products, shades, and colors that come to me. I don’t think too hard about how I want it to look but more-so what kind of mood I’m in. I love a good smokey eye. Smokey eye makeup is sexy, sultry, and looks good on everyone. I do like to mix it up though and do different shades and combinations, so I created this shimmering black smokey eye with an orange crease. It’s an unexpected pop of color and warmth to the eyes, and if you’ve got blue or green eyes, it will really help them pop. It’s super simple to recreate and requires only two shades of eyeshadow to achieve! Full tutorial and product list inside, (more…)

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