What is Beauty Gala?
On Beauty Gala, you will find reviews, photographs, tutorials, how-to’s, videos, and swatches of all things beauty. Reviews are an in-depth analysis of a product, tutorials are “How-To’s” described via photographs or video, and looks are photographs of various makeup looks, nail art, and hair styles. Swatches are high-resolution photographs of specific products on my skin, eyes, or lips so that you can see what a product looks like. All of these types of articles can be searched for specifically in our “Beauty Vault” drop down box in our menu above.

How long has Beauty Gala been around? How many years of experience do you have?
Beauty Gala has been around since March 2010. I currently have over 8 years of experience in the makeup and beauty industry.

Do you personally sell makeup and beauty products on your website?
We do not sell makeup or beauty products on our website and we are not an online shopping site. We do, however, include links in all of our posts to where you can purchase the product(s) mentioned online.

Are you sponsored by companies to give reviews? Can I trust the reviews?
We do work with many brands and PR agencies to bring you a variety of content. Beauty Gala will always make note of any samples or products given for free as per the Federal Trade Commission. The intention of a Beauty Gala product review is not just to plug a product, but to truly inform consumers about every aspect of the product they are buying. This includes, but is not limited to, price, value, color, scent, usages, photographs, pro’s and con’s, as well as swatches. The belief here at Beauty Gala is that consumers need reviews to be as informative as possible so they can “test drive” the product via our website, and then form their own opinions and conclusions. Think of Beauty Gala reviews as online “window shopping.”

How do I search for or find specific content on Beauty Gala?
There are a few ways to go about finding specific content on Beauty Gala. You can use the “Search” box and use a phrase, keyword, product or brand name, and get results. Our Beauty Vault is a fast, simple way to sort through archived reviews, tutorials, and looks. You can use the drop down menu up top to navigate our Beauty Vault, as well.

Can we do a link exchange? How do I affiliate myself with Beauty Gala?
Currently, Beauty Gala is not accepting link exchanges from blogs. If you have any affiliate or sponsor related requests or questions, please use the contact form or e-mail us at rebecca@beautygala.com

Can I use your photographs?
All Beauty Gala photography is taken by me, personally, and is copyrighted by law. All photographs are watermarked and can be traced back to Beauty Gala. If you would like to use a photograph you see, we ask that you contact us and make sure a credit link back to Beauty Gala is given. No photography is to be used without permission.