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Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Tutorial: Light & Pretty


I’ve been wanting to purchase some Makeup Geek Eyeshadow’s for quite some time now, and I was really excited when the Starter Kit came back in stock last week. Unfortunately, I hesitated just one day to purchase it and it was out of stock again, so I purchased all the shades in the Starter Kit minus Cocoa Bear (replacing it with “Country Girl” instead), and also added in Peach Smoothie, for a total of ten eyeshadow shades. I was excited to put them to the test since I just got them today. I put together a Light & Pretty eye makeup look for you using 4 of the shades. You can wear this during the daytime and even to the office. It’s not too heavy and you can do it in under five minutes. Full tutorial inside, (more…)

NARS Smokey Eye Compact Kit Swatches, Review, & Makeup Look!


Words cannot express how on-a-roll NARS Cosmetics has been lately with their newest collections, gifts, palettes, and reformulations. The NARS Smokey Eye Compact Kit is a wonderful set filled with everything you need to recreate a classic, gorgeous smokey eye. Not only is everything conveniently in one kit, but this is the perfect gift for a makeup lover in your life. Imagine receiving this as a gift from someone who knows you love NARS or smokey eye makeup in general! It’s a truly gorgeous set that contains soft, pigmented eyeshadow shades, an intense black eyeliner, and a super soft angled blending brush that can multi-task. I’ve got the full review inside, as well as a makeup look I’ve put together using this kit. (more…)

Mia Wallace Makeup Look using the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette


When I heard there was going to be an Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Collection I squealed a little out loud, I’m not going to lie. Pulp Fiction is one of my favorite movies of all time, and the epic female character Mia Wallace has always been a favorite of mine. First of all, we share the same last name (my maiden last name is hers), and second of all, I always loved her hair, makeup, and the way her personality was in the film. Her look is very reminiscent of a pin-up girl but with a 90′s grunge to it. I used my Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette and Urban Decay Mrs. Mia Wallace Lipstick to create this look, but you’ll see all the shades inside which you can replicate with shades in your own collection, or you can purchase the collection yourself which is incredibly beautiful. Full details inside of my transformation! (more…)

5 Ways to Feel & Look Your Best!


There are many times when I see a photograph of someone and I think to myself, “Wow, that person just RADIATES beauty from all around.” The truth is, the body and mind are very connected and usually those people that I see are just plain happy, joyful, and grateful people. They take care of themselves, their body, and have a routine down that works for them. I thought of 5 Ways To Feel Your Best. These are things I do on a regular basis that make me not only look my best, but also feel my best, physically and mentally. And when you feel your best, you feel like you can conquer the world! (more…)

Sally Beauty Supply: My One Stop Shop, PLUS Win a $25 Sally Beauty Gift Card!


I’m so excited to team up with Sally Beauty to provide you this awesome blog post, as well as a $25 Sally Beauty Gift Card GIVEAWAY! Sally Beauty has been my one-stop-shop for years now, and I can go in there and get something for everyone in my household, from my husband to my dog. I love the whole experience of shopping at Sally Beauty, from the moment I walk in the door to the moment I check out with all of my goodies. I’ve always been met with incredible customer service there, whether it was help with a coupon or picking out my newest hair color. I’m going to show you my must-have products from Sally Beauty. These are items that I purchase over and over again, and some of these products I’ve even purchased several times over. So let’s get started with our virtual Sally Beauty shopping experience, shall we?


*MY* MUST HAVE SALLY BEAUTY PRODUCTS: I have so many must-have products from this store, mostly because Sally Beauty stocks everything you can possibly need or want. They have been my emergency fix-it store for fixing hair color disasters throughout the years and they never disappoint me in having brand new products and collections out. What I love most about Sally Beauty is how easy it is to shop there. I never get sensory overload when I’m in the store because everything is stocked neatly and grouped together well. I can easily find what I’m looking for and if I ever have any trouble, their store associates are always the first to assist me.



  1. Conair Professional Ceramic Tools Porcelain Heat Roller Set: This is a must-have in my book. I know that many people prefer curling irons but I am a hot roller girl all the way. I can heat the set up quickly, put the rollers in my long hair and then sit and do my makeup while I wait for them to cool. I love that Sally Beauty sells hair appliances of all kinds. This hot roller set is fantastic for my long hair and I can achieve everything from loose waves to very tight curls with this set.
  2. Sleep Wear Satin Pillowcase: I bought this because satin pillowcases are great for those who deal with a lot of frizz or hair breakage. It also helps with your skin and can prevent those crazy creases you get on your face when you sleep weird. If you wear hair extensions or wigs, a satin pillowcase is a great idea for you. I personally just love the way the material feels and I do notice that I can keep my hair styled nicely for 2 days straight with this pillowcase.
  3. Nail Dotting Tools: These are always great to have around for nail art. This set contains double-sided utensils that are easy to use and clean. These are great for creating flowers, stars, and polka dot nail art. The possibilities are really endless.
  4. Mineral Repair Masque: Sally Beauty has a wide variety of skincare products in their store! I love their face masks and cleansers and often look for good sales or deals.
  5. Duo Brush-On Eyelash Adhesive: Brush-on adhesive for false lashes is a game changer. Once I found this in Sally Beauty, I never went back to the old squeeze tube which can make a mess.
  6. Beauty Sponges: If you are on a budget, go for some Beauty Blender copycat sponges like these! They’re so inexpensive and affordable and they do the job just as well. You wet the sponge, squeeze out the excess, and use the sponge while damp. It’s perfect for applying foundation, blending out your contour and blush, and creating a flawless complexion.
  7. OPI Drip Dry Drops: Another major game changer for me, these drops are an item I have gone through many, many bottles of. I’m always running to Sally Beauty to buy more when I run out! A couple of drops on each nail after painting your nails will enable them to dry and harden much faster, this way you don’t smudge or mess up your nail polish!
  8. Ardell Natural Lashes Multi-Pack: Sally Beauty has a magical wall of false eyelashes that I love browsing. They have everything from super dramatic to very natural looking lashes. They have individual lashes and strip lashes like the ones above. I love these Ardell Natural Lashes because they add length and volume without being over-the-top. And who doesn’t love a multi-pack?


SALLY BEAUTY PRODUCTS FOR THE *WHOLE FAMILY & MORE*: This next set of products contains mostly items for the whole family. When I went into Sally Beauty to document my experience and buy my must-have’s, the men in my life started picking things out for themselves! Of course I couldn’t say no to them, so I let them join in my shopping experience and enjoy it with me. I let both my husband and my dad pick out items for themselves and we even bought a pair of scissors to assist in grooming my dog. How’s that for versatility?


  1. Beauty Secrets Nail Files: Who can’t use more nail files? Sally Beauty has a HUGE wall rack of these in every shape and desired coarseness you may need. You can buy them in multi-packs or you can buy them individually. I just love all the choices the wall rack has to offer!
  2. Finger Paints Nail Striping Polishes: Another must-have that I have purchased over twenty of throughout the years! Nail striping polishes are great to have for nail art and designs. You can easily do a French manicure with them, as well. They come in all kinds of colors and finishes too.
  3. China Glaze “For Audrey” Nail Polish: I love the selection of nail polish at Sally Beauty. It was my very first store that I started buying nail polish from to add to my collection. “For Audrey” by China Glaze is my all-time favorite nail polish shade and it’s so gorgeous. I stock up on these regularly so I always have a fresh one ready-to-go!
  4. Heel To Toe Nail Clippers: My dad picked these up for himself because he has a hard time clipping his nails due to his Multiple Sclerosis. This is a great set that makes it simple for him!
  5. Professional Hair Cutting Shears: My husband picked these up and put these in my basket for our dog, Gizmo. I groom him myself and he needs a set of professional scissors for around the more delicate spots, such as his face and ears. Sally Beauty really does supply for the whole family.
  6. Conair Pro Beard Trimmer: My husband picked this up for himself since he has grown out facial hair and wants to keep it groomed. He says it works great and he loves it!
  7. Generic Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner: My husband picked out the Generic Paul Mitchell Tea Tree set and I went with the Biotera Cooling Mint set. Both are great for the scalp and hair and feel so refreshing in the hot summer heat and after a workout. My husband loves this shampoo and conditioner so much.
  8. La-Tweez Tweezers: Another always handy tool to have around, my dad picked these up for himself.


Sally Beauty is really my one-stop shop for so many grooming items. Not only do I love the store, but my husband, dad, and dog get to reap the benefits as well.


Do you love Sally Beauty too? Join the VIP program and get access to exclusive offers, content and rewards! For joining you will be entered to win the $25 Sally Beauty gift card! Enter to win below:


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Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Sally Beauty. All opinions are my own.




LORAC Pro Palette 2 Swatches, Review, & Makeup Look


When I first heard news about the LORAC Pro Palette 2, I was ecstatic. The original LORAC Pro Palette is hands down my favorite eyeshadow palette of all time. I use it the most, and I’ve hit pan on many of the shades inside of it. In other words, the sequel to the original palette had very high standards to live up to in my eyes. This palette is shaped and packaged the exact same way as the original, with sixteen eye shades total. The packaging on the first palette is black, whereas this one is a dark grey shade. The most notable difference is that this palette contains much cooler toned hues than the original. It made me nervous since I’m not typically a cool-toned eyeshadow wearer, but please trust me when I say that I was emphatically and happily shocked when I swatched this palette. It’s 100% L-O-V-E again. (more…)

MAC Deeply Dashing & MAC Rule Eyeshadow: Simple, Warm Eyeshadow Look



I found a new favorite combination of eyeshadow shades recently! It’s super simple and requires only 2 shades. I am using MAC Deeply Dashing Pressed Pigment and MAC Rule Eyeshadow. Rule is a matte peachy-orange, and it’s a great crease shade for transitioning colors, or even as a stand-alone shade like in this look. Deeply Dashing is a gorgeous chocolate brown shade with loads of shimmer and reflects in it, and it looks beautiful in contrast to the matte texture of Rule in the crease. If you want to see more pictures, a full tutorial, and a full product list, (more…)

Too Faced Country Palette Makeup Look



I recently swatched and reviewed the new Too Faced Country Palette here. I decided to put together a look for the blog, as I always do, so you can see the shades in action and how pigmented they are. I was especially impressed by the purple-grey shade in the palette because it’s so unique. I put together a smokey eye that differs from your traditional shades and looks more on the smokey blue and grey side. What I love most about these shades though is how the colors look slightly different depending on the lighting. Full tutorial and more pictures inside, (more…)

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