Tutorial: Space “Galaxy” Inspired Manicure/Nails


I am a huge space-loving geek and proud of it. I have fond memories of my parents taking me to Kennedy Space Center in Florida when I was younger, and I still cherish those grainy photographs from the 1980’s. Since then, I have always been an avid reader and watcher of space developments, articles, and especially rocket launches. I decided to do space “galaxy” inspired nails, and I was happy with the way they turned out. The best part? They were really easy to do (no, really), and I will explain everything inside,


Materials Needed:

  • Dark base nail polish, such as black, or dark blue (I used black).
  • Two nail polish shades that represent your “galaxy” colors…I recommend blue and another shade such as green, purple, or even an orange-red shade.
  • Cosmetic sponges.
  • A silver glitter nail polish that has a clear base.
  • A non-porous surface to drop your nail polish on to, such as a paint tray, cut into small pieces.


Step One: Apply your base color. You can use anything that is dark, which will represent the space sky, such as black or dark blue. I chose Sally Hansen’s “Midnight in NY,” which is a black with a slight, almost unnoticeable shimmer in it.


Step Two: Take the two shades you chose to represent your “galaxy” colors and open both bottles. Using a non-porous surface, apply several drops of each color out onto the surface. The reason you want a non-porous surface is because a porous surface (such as a paper towel) will soak up the nail polish rather than let it sit on top of it. I used a paint tray I found in the garage and cut it into a small piece to work with.


Step Three: Using your cosmetic sponges or wedges, dip one sponge into each color, sponging off the excess onto your non-porous surface. I personally used cosmetic wedges, and they were less than $2 for a huge bag of them at my local drugstore. You can even cut the wedges in half to make them last even longer since you don’t need the full wedge.


Cosmetic Wedges


Step Four: Sponge the blue shade (or the darkest shade of your “galaxy” colors, whatever that may be) onto the middle third of your nail. You want to lightly dab the sponge with the nail polish onto your nail, over your base color. It’s no different than when you were sponge painting when you were little! I used Orly “Lunar Eclipse,” a blue-purple polish from the limited edition Orly Cosmix FX Collection (how apropos). I sponged this shade onto the middle third of my nail first since this shade is darker and would cover the green if I applied this second. The key is to be imperfect. The galaxy is a vast place, and the patterns in space are not always perfectly symmetrical. Once I sponged the blue shade onto the middle third of my nail, I then sponged Orly’s “Rocket Science,” which is a shimmering “martian green” (as I like to call it) onto the third of my nail closest to my nail tips.


Orly Lunar Eclipse
Orly Rocket Science


Step Five: Apply your silver glitter over top of the sponged nails. This will give the effect of stars in the galaxy and it looks absolutely gorgeous! You can use any silver glitter polish you have, as long as the base is clear, since you don’t want to cover up all the beautiful sponging you just did. I used a China Glaze glitter polish that had different sizes of silver holographic glitter in it. Apply a top coat, and you’re finished!


Space Galaxy Nails…




The best part about this manicure is how different it looks depending on what lighting you are in. These look absolutely brilliant in sunlight, sparkling like crazy. You can totally play around with different base colors and “galaxy” shades, as well, using anything from blue to green to purple to fiery orange-red. Everyone who does this manicure will have a different outcome, making it solely unique.


Personally, looking at this manicure everyday cheers me up and makes me happy. It reminds me of the universe which is such a vast and unknown place, and yet so perfect. Cheers for Space Galaxy nails!






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