Top 10: China Glaze Nail Polishes

How often do you wish there were Top 10 lists for everything in life? I often wish there was so I could see the stars of various products that are out there, and Beauty Gala’s new Top 10 Feature Column does just that. We will be bringing you our Top 10 favorites in categories from lips, to skin, to nail polish, and more. Today, our Top 10 list goes to China Glaze, our favorite nail polish brand. It was so difficult to narrow it down, but alas, the video is after the jump..

Top 10 Favorite China Glaze Nail Polishes (in no particular order):

  1. Strawberry Fields. Gorgeous pink creme with a noticeable gold shimmer to it.
  2. Flip Flop Fantasy. Extremely bright neon coral pink.
  3. Electric Lilac. Periwinkle purple glitter.
  4. For Audrey. Tiffany Blue creme.
  5. Ruby Pumps. Stunning red glitter.
  6. Lemon Fizz. Pastel yellow creme.
  7. Meteor Shower. Dark blue with multi-colored glitter.
  8. Buy Meteor Shower

  9. Flying Dragon. Bright purple with purple and blue fine glitter.
  10. Fortune Teller. Black with chunky orange glitter.
  11. [Limited Edition for Halloween]

  12. Four Leaf Clover. Intensely bright teal green creme.

What are your favorite China Glaze nail polish shades of all time? We want to know!

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6 thoughts on “Top 10: China Glaze Nail Polishes

  1. My Top 10 China Glaze Polishes are:

    1. Secret Peri-winkle
    2. Spontaneous
    3. Coconut Kiss
    4. Ruby Pumps
    5. Reggae To Riches
    6. Wagon Trail (my first CG Polish!)
    7. Shower Together
    8. Japanese Koi
    9. Rich and Famous
    10. Sugar High

    *I’m wearing Four Leaf Clover now. I like it, but it’s not one of my Top 10. 🙁 *

  2. Wagon Trail is one I had in my hand as a top ten, and I just couldn’t decide between a couple others and it.

    Love your top 10 list…those are all so gorgeous. Your list just reminds me how hard it was for me to narrow it all down!

  3. I just got flying dragon, in the lime light and pink voltage!! LOVE THEM!! And this is my first experience with China Glaze (I went to Sally where nail polishes are buy 2 get 1 free all month). My only question is I had to put on a lot of coats of them, is that normal for China Glaze?

  4. Hi Jill! Flying Dragon, In The Lime Light, and Pink Voltage are all neon’s, and neon’s typically need a few coats always. Almost all neon’s, no matter what brand, apply somewhat sheer and need to be layered. Other China Glaze polishes should apply much more opaque for you if they are not neon’s!

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