Neon Trend: American Apparel Neon Coral Nail Polish, Photographs & Swatches


I recently showed you my St.Patrick’s Day manicure using American Apparel’s Neon Green Nail Polish, from the same collection, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint me throughout the week! It didn’t chip at all, and the only reason I took it off was because I wanted to change the color up and do something different. I was thoroughly impressed with how amazing the formula is on these. On top of that, just look at how beautiful these neon’s are! I’m obsessed with all things neon, and these are a playful way to add neon to your everyday life. Neon Coral is very bright but still wearable. To see photographs and swatches,


Neon Coral is a bright, neon coral shade from American Apparel. I adore that they went with a coral instead of a full-on orange. This shade is orange, but has those slightly peachy-red coral tones to it that make it less of a full-on neon orange. The end result ends up being really flattering because it makes your fingers and hands look so tan and flawless! All swatches are two coats of nail polish. I can’t get over how amazing the formula is on these neon’s! They are by far the best neon nail polishes I have ever used.


Under artificial lighting, it looks slightly more demure


With flash, the neon really starts to show!



Pantone named tangerine as the “color of the year” for 2012, and I’m pretty psyched about that. This polish almost looks a little bit tangerine! It’s such a lovely, flattering color that will boost your mood.




As with all neon nail polishes, this will dry matte on you without a topcoat, so be sure to use a nice shiny topcoat for a perfect finish. Last week I noticed very little to no wear on the “Neon Green” shade after wearing for almost a full week, so I’m hoping this shade will have the same great wear time.



American Apparel Neon Nail Polishes retail for $6 each and are available at American Apparel stores nationwide. You can also purchase these online, which is what I did.



**See my photographs and swatches of “Neon Green” by American Apparel**




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