EOS Alice In Wonderland Lip Balm Collection, Photographs & Review


I love my EOS Lip Balm. I mean really, really love. I own two handfuls of different colors and flavors, and they are all almost used down to the core. I first discovered these back in early 2010, where I became obsessed with the ergonomic packaging, which was always a conversation starter. Beyond that, the lip balm is fantastically moisturizing and good for you. Enter the EOS Alice In Wonderland Lip Balm Collection. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Where do I start? I love Disney, and I love Alice In Wonderland anything, so putting the two together was fantastic on their part. This limited edition collection features three of their classic lip balms in fun colors and “flavors” with cheeky Alice In Wonderland inspired names. Peek inside because I know you’re going to love it!



The Alice In Wonderland Lip Balm Collection contains three EOS lip balms: Blueberry Potion, Watermelon Wonderland, and Sweet Vanilla Nonsense. The names are adorable, and these are completely limited edition and exclusive to this trio only. All of their lip balms are 95% organic and paraben-free, which means you don’t need to worry about putting any yucky chemicals onto your pucker.




Alice In Wonderland is one of my favorites of all-time. I was obsessed with the made for TV movie from 1985 which I watched religiously a few times a week. The jabberwocky scared the living daylights out of me, but luckily I could fast forward the VHS old-school style. I adored the costumes and the fantasy of it all. I loved that version so much that I purchased a copy of it on DVD and made my husband watch it with me for old-school entertainment. The Tim Burton one from 2010 was amazing, as well, but nothing can match childhood obsessions!


Alice In Wonderland, 1985




When you open the packaging, there is a small “shadow box” that has Alice In Wonderland graphics and the quote, “Very few things indeed were really impossible.”  So. Cute. I saved this part of the box and I have it displayed on top of my desk area.






If you’re new to EOS, these balms come in the cutest little sphere shape with really great indents for your fingers to grip the product. You twist the cap once and the product pops open to reveal another sphere of the actual lip balm. It’s a really ergonomic, fun, modern design.


The finger grips on the packaging




Let’s talk Alice-inspired flavors…



Blueberry Potion


Blueberry Potion smells like, you guessed it, blueberries! The scent is not overpowering though, which I really appreciate. Blueberries are my all-time favorite fruit, so I was most excited about this one. I also love the baby blue color on the outside of the sphere. I could smell this one all day long! Delicious.



Sweet Vanilla Nonsense


Sweet Vanilla Nonsense smells like vanilla candy. This one, again, doesn’t have an overpowering scent, but has a really light vanilla butter-cream type of scent to it. It’s almost like a cross between sugar cookies and vanilla ice cream.



Watermelon Wonderland


Watermelon Wonderland is heavenly. If you are at all a fan of watermelon anything, you will die and go to heaven with one whiff of this. Out of the three, this has the strongest scent, but again, it’s not so overpowering that you’re going to dislike it. It smells juicy and ripe, and the hot pink packaging is beautiful.




These always leave my lips feeling so insanely smooth, healthy, and moisturized. I am prone to chapped lips so these are a godsend. They are never sticky, goopy, or overly thick, either. EOS is totally the modern-day Chapstick, addiction to applying it and all!





Whether you’re an Alice In Wonderland fan, and/or you simply love EOS, you are going to just adore this limited edition collection of lip balms. The packaging is beyond cute and the trio of flavors are delectable. I paid $7.99 USD for the entire set at Target. These are available starting in September 2012 at Target, Walgreens and Ulta stores in November 2012, and Walmart.com, Target.com, and Drugstore.com starting November 2012. They are limited edition and I can already tell you that these were selling fast at my local Target (there were only a few sets left!), so be sure to snag it early on if you’re interested. You can visit the EOS website for more information on this set, too.





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2 thoughts on “EOS Alice In Wonderland Lip Balm Collection, Photographs & Review

  1. Wow! I’m getting this pack from ebay for my birthday next month! I love eos lipbalms but only for scent and packaging… They don’t moisturise but feel waxy and protect lips. So they have to be in good condition for it to work, if you know what I mean! My favourite was the passion fruit…until I lost it :\ Now my favourite is Honeydew! 😀 I ordered a 5 pack! Im looking forward to trying the watermelon because its such a refreshing fruit! — Have a nice day hunni! Thanks for the review’

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