Beauty Bargain Lookbook: NYX Blush in “Pinky”


It can be incredibly intimidating when you are standing in front of a cosmetics display, looking at multiple shades of a single product. Modern day cosmetic companies give us more choices than ever in eyeshadow shades, lipstick colors, and blushes. We like to think of Beauty Gala as “window shopping” in a way – you get to see photographs and swatches without dishing up the money. NYX Cosmetics Blush is an all-around great product…it’s inexpensive, and it is incredibly rich in color, so you only need a little swipe every time you apply. Unfortunately for us indecisive babes, it also comes in twenty-five different shades. One of my favorite shades out of the NYX Blush collection is “Pinky,” a bright, bubblegum pink blush that looks sweet and feminine on the cheeks. To see more photographs and swatches,






Pinky is a bright, bubblegum pink blush that adds a doll-like look to your cheekbones. This blush is highly pigmented, so you can apply lightly for a sweet flush, or apply heavier for really defined cheeks. One of the reasons I love this blush so much is that it’s so versatile. I can wear this with so many different makeup looks – everything from a smokey eye to a neutral brown eye to a bare eye with nothing but mascara. This blush complements and adds to each one of those looks in a different way, but Pinky always comes off as sweet, girly, and glowing.


The swatch above looks intimidating, right? Keep in mind that this blush is very pigmented, and I typically apply two or three coats when applying on my hand for a swatch. The blush just gives you a bright, gorgeous wash of “wow” pink. Also, the fact that this blush is so pigmented is great for beauties with darker complexions. Finally, a pink blush that can stand up to darker skin tones!

Wearing "Pinky" in artificial lighting (no flash)
Wearing "Pinky" in artificial lighting (no flash)
Wearing "Pinky" in natural light (no flash)
Wearing "Pinky" in natural light (no flash)
Wearing "Pinky" in artificial lighting (with flash)
Wearing "Pinky" in artificial lighting (with flash)

Pinky also makes a great eyeshadow and lip color, which I have admittedly used it for before. For my lips, I will sweep a dab of petroleum jelly on my lips, and then rub this blush onto my lips. For eyeshadow, I have dipped my eyeshadow brush directly into the blush and used it for a bright bubblegum eyeshadow shade.

NYX Blush comes in twenty-five shades and retails for $6 at, and Ulta stores nationwide. You can also browse and purchase this product online for only $5 by clicking the photograph below:

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