Wet n Wild Spring 2017 Collection Swatches & Review // FULL Collection

When I saw Wet n Wild post a preview of their Spring 2017 collection on their Instagram, I rushed to my local CVS to see if they had it. I wasn’t holding my breath since the collection was very literally just released and only in limited amounts so far. Low and behold, there this gorgeous collection was! I have so much to get through and thoughts on each piece, but there is also a lot of photographs and swatches inside, so feel free to look around and see what catches your eye…

The Wet n Wild Spring 2017 Collection is very soft and magical. The theme could easily be one of love, unicorns, and candy. The only piece I am missing out of the collection is the kabuki brush, which I didn’t purchase simply because it’s a simple white and pink brush to apply powder or contour with.

Wet n Wild “The Sweetest Bling” and “Lilac to Reality”

Wet n Wild “The Sweetest Bling” and “Lilac to Reality” are the gems of the collection without a doubt. These highlighting powders look stunning just from the packaging alone.

Wet n Wild “The Sweetest Bling” and “Lilac to Reality”

These two highlighting powders are following the latest trend of duo-chrome and holographic illuminators. “Lilac to Reality” is a unique highlight shade with a reflective shift to it. The best part is that this entire collection is drugstore available and inexpensively priced.

Wet n Wild “The Sweetest Bling”

The Sweetest Bling is a shimmering pink. It is absolutely stunningly pigmented and soft. You really can’t go wrong with this highlighter, especially at this price point. Also, depending on how much you swirl into the lighter shade (where the heart is), you can get a slightly different variation of color.

Wet n Wild “Lilac to Reality”

Lilac to Reality is breathtaking. I was most excited for this one and it does not disappoint. Keep in mind that my swatches are heavy handed to show you the colors and reflects and that when you apply this on your cheekbones, it will be more subtle. Holographic and duo-chrome highlighting is so trendy right now and this lilac shade is rich and gorgeous. If you spot this, grab, run, and checkout!

Wet n Wild “The Sweetest Bling” and “Lilac to Reality”

These are definitely my favorite pieces out of the collection. I suspect they will be the best-selling ones and will probably sell out everywhere and become hard to find.

Wet n Wild Cheek & Lip Tint Spring 2017

The Cheek & Lip Tints in this collection are beautiful. This type of luminous, multi-use cream tint is popular in Korea and Korean beauty culture. You can use them as blush or lipstick and they look very natural. The three new shades from this collection are “Kiss Me If You Can,” “Flirt On The Street,” and “Crush Upon a Time.” All of these are perfect for spring and summer.

Wet n Wild “Hieroglyphic Heart”

Hieroglyphic Heart is the first of three new eyeshadow trio’s in the collection. This one contains neutral, subtle tones. I found this one to be the least pigmented out of the eyeshadow palettes, but if you like more natural looking makeup, this a great pick for you.

Wet n Wild “Heart and Heavy”

Heart and Heavy is a trio with pink, a mauve plum, and a gorgeous white shimmer that has a slight pink duo-chrome shift. My camera wouldn’t pick it up but that first shade has lovely pink shimmer in it. This palette was very pigmented.

Wet n Wild “Will You Marina Me”

Will You Marina Me is my favorite of the trio’s. This one is perfectly reminiscent of sun and sand at the beach. It is ultra pigmented and blendable.

Wet n Wild “From Heart To Finish”
Wet n Wild “From Heart To Finish”

From Heart To Finish is their lip palette from the collection. I have mixed feelings about this one because while I understand the aesthetic they were going for (quirky and fun), it reminds me of kids makeup. The colors are beautiful and you have your pick of plenty of shades and finishes.

The finish of the colors in the lip palette are kind of between a lip gloss and a balm. The formulation itself actually reminds me of the makeup I used to play with as a kid. I’m not really sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing though, which is why I have mixed feelings about it.

While the hearts are adorable, they are also small and your finger most likely will not fit into each heart. You can see above what happened when I tried to do that. You’ll need a lip brush to apply each color.


  • Unique and trendy
  • Gorgeous highlighters that are comparable to high-end brands right now
  • Items for both natural and bold makeup lovers
  • Gorgeous packaging and aesthetics
  • Drugstore available
  • Inexpensive


  • The lip palette is a bit too much like child’s makeup for me
  • The lip palette is hard to dig into and apply
  • This collection is limited edition and will likely sell out quickly everywhere
  • May be difficult to find for some people


Will you be picking anything up from the Wet n Wild Spring 2017 Collection? 




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3 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Spring 2017 Collection Swatches & Review // FULL Collection

  1. Ahhh I love these!! Definitely need to get them asap. Great swatches!!! Truly appreciate a thorough review with great swatches.

  2. Beautiful collection, great quality and beautiful price. 🙂
    I ordered most of it except the lipstick heart case but very tempted is so cute!

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