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Once upon a time, Urban Decay was known for their acid-like colors and shocking pigments. In recent years, they have released the wildly popular Naked, Naked 2, and Naked 3 Palettes, all with neutral shades. While I use and adore my Naked Palettes to death, I think that Urban Decay was getting a little sidetracked, especially for those of us UD fans who remember them as being a wild, bright, colorful brand. The Urban Decay Electric Palette finally delivers! There are ten shades total, including Chaos, a highly coveted bright blue shade from Urban Decay’s original Vice Palette. Every shade is creamy, soft, and highly pigmented, making this the best bright eyeshadow palette I now have in my collection. Full swatches inside,








When I first found out about the Urban Decay Electric Palette, I was really trying to convince myself that I didn’t want it. I also found out that there is a warning on the inside of the package that states “WARNING: Slowburn, Savage, Jilted, and Urban are not intended for immediate eye areas.” It seemed strange to me that there would be a palette of eyeshadow colors with a warning on it not to use said colors on the eyes. I ended up finding out that a lot of times palettes with shades of red in them are not cleared with the FDA because people can have allergic reactions to them. The ingredients are actually not banned or labeled in Europe, but there are legalities here that force Urban Decay to place the warning inside. Long story short? If you have very sensitive eyes or tend to be allergic to ingredients, you may want to test these out on your skin first. I had absolutely no problem wearing any of these shades, and experienced no irritation or reaction whatsoever.









There are ten shades inside the palette, and a double-ended pressed pigment brush. I love the brush because it’s actually a nice one that works well and I will actually use it!







Each eyeshadow is actually quite large in size, which I like. I would compare each shade to about the size of a quarter, maybe just slightly larger. With how pigmented these are, this palette will last you a lifetime.




Top row: Revolt, Gonzo, Slowburn, Savage, and Fringe.






Revolt is a gorgeous sparkling metallic silver, Gonzo is a turquoise-teal shade, Slowburn is a bright fiery orange-red, Savage is a hot fuchsia pink, and Fringe is a metallic blue-green. All of these shades are so pigmented and rich, and there’s a nice mix of shimmer and matte finishes. Slowburn and Savage would be so pretty on the lips or on the cheeks. Remember that since these are pigments, you don’t need to use these exclusively on the eyes. You can use Slowburn and Savage as a cheek color or for lip color.




Bottom row: Chaos, Jilted, Urban, Freak, and Thrash.






Chaos is the wildly popular electric blue shade from the original Vice Palette, Jilted is a fuchsia shade with a blue duo-chrome shift, Urban is a bright metallic purple, Freak is a shimmering lime green, and Thrash is a matte yellow-green shade. Again, all of these are super pigmented and smooth.







Just to show you how these perform on the eyes, I put together a quick look. I used Thrash on the inner corners of my eyes, Freak over my entire eyelid and lower lash-line, and Fringe in the crease/socket of my eye, and in the outer corner of the lower lash-line. Blend it all out, and add some black cat-liner. You’ve got yourself a gorgeously bright green eye makeup look!





The Urban Decay Electric Palette is currently available online at Urban Decay’s website. Each palette retails for $49.00 USD. The palette will be available in Sephora and Ulta locations sometime in April 2014.






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