Spring 2012: China Glaze ElectroPop Collection, Photographs & Swatches


While I don’t have the entire collection of China Glaze’s ElectroPop, I can show you the four shades that I do have, and just how insanely bright and gorgeous they are. This isn’t the most unique collection around, but it doesn’t need to pull out all of the smoke and mirrors to be incredibly beautiful, bright, and perfect for spring and summer. To see photographs and swatches,


Wicked Style is a brightened coral berry, if there even if is such a shade. It doesn’t quite lean completely fuchsia or berry, but it is also not fully coral. It’s a really bold, girly color that is fantastic for the warmer months. Below is two coats.


Wicked Style (sunlight)


Wicked Style (flash)



Gothic Lolita is a bright medium purple with very fine blue and violet shimmer in it. The shimmer is almost unrecognizable, except you can spot it in the sunshine and it really adds depth to the color. Of course you know this is my favorite for obvious reasons, but this shade of purple is really flattering and bright. Also, I just adore the name of the polish! Below is two coats.


Gothic Lolita (in sunlight, notice the fine shimmer)


Gothic Lolita (natural light)


Gothic Lolita (with flash)



Aquadelic is a really bright turquoise-teal creme. I thought this would be similar to “For Audrey” by looking at it in the bottle but it is much brighter and the actual shade differs a bit. This shade is STUNNING! Below is two coats.


Aquadelic (sunlight)


Aquadelic (with flash)



Dance Baby is a pink-lavender creme. Plavender? It manages to look really soft in natural light, but you can see in the swatch where I used flash that it’s really quite bright! I love this shade because it is so classic, and it always makes my complexion look even more tan. Below is two coats.


Dance Baby (sunlight)


Dance Baby (with flash)



Overall: From the four shades I tested, all of them had a really good formula on them. They were a bit thick, but in my opinion, it is easier to work with polish that is slightly thicker than you expected than thinner, to prevent brush strokes and having to pile on coat after coat. These are not super unique, but extremely bright and beautiful, perfectly symbolizing spring and summer. There are a few beautiful shades I am missing that I’d really like to pick up for myself online!



The China Glaze ElectroPop Collection is available at Sally Beauty Supply stores nationwide. You can also purchase this collection and others through online discount retailers that sell nail polish for around $3 per bottle or less. One of my favorite online retailers for discounted nail polish is Victoria’s Nail Supply (no affiliation). I have shopped with them many times and they have great customer service.







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