Spring 2011 Lookbook: Kiss “Nail Artist” Kit

Kiss “Nail Artist” Kit is brand new for spring 2011, and I am loving how bright, colorful, and convenient it is. I recently attended a Kiss webinar, showing all of their new products for this spring, and let me tell you nail lovers…you are in for quite a treat! This set gives you everything you need to create your own colorful nail art! It comes with three nail art polishes, 2 types of tip guides, and rhinestones, making it a great kit to reach for when you are in need of variety. To see photographs of everything in this kit, as well as swatches,

Kiss “Nail Artist” Kit comes with three nail art polishes in bright, cheerful colors. Each nail polish has a thin striping brush for easy nail art. Also inside the kit are two different kinds of tip guides (90 tip guides in total): regular French manicure tip guides, and “V” shaped tip guides. You will also find a sheet of sticky rhinestones inside, perfect for applying easily to your nail art. I think this kit is absolute genius on the part of Kiss. Why not make a nail art kit that nail polish lovers can purchase that contains everything you need in one package? Previously, I had to buy my rhinestones and my tip guides separately, which is not only inconvenient, but also more expensive. I also love the bright spring colors that Kiss chose to include in this kit, as they are definitely nail art polishes that I do not have in my collection yet. You can make gorgeous designs on your fingers and toes for spring and summer with these!
The 3 nail art polishes
The regular French tip guides, and rhinestones
V-shaped French manicure tip guides

The unique thin nail art brush

I typically purchase nail tip guides separately at my local Sally Beauty Supply store, which cost me around $4 a package. This kit contains just as many guides, and also comes with two different shapes. For a little less of a traditional French manicure, you can use the V-shaped tip guides:

Once you apply the polish, you can carefully remove the tip guide sticker, and you will be left with a perfect French manicure shape! One thing to note (which I learned after applying this) is that the nail art polishes have a lot of product in them, so a little goes a long way. When using this kit again, I will apply less nail polish than I did in the above photograph to prevent making a mess!

All 3 polishes striped over Illamasqua's "MILF"

I love to use these polishes as stripers, making parallel lines on the nail. The colors are so vibrant and gorgeous, and I am definitely going to be using these 3 polishes along with a pastel yellow to create an “Easter egg manicure.” The polishes are super easy to work with, since they have such a thin, fine brush. The only thing that I can possibly knock about this product is that the nail polishes are slightly stinkier than regular nail polish. To me, these polishes smelled stronger…almost like spray paint, so make sure you use in a ventilated area. Of course, it could just be my nose and sense of smell being extra sensitive!

Kiss “Nail Artist” Kit is available at drugstores and mass retailers nationwide. You can also visit the Kiss website to find great guides and ideas for using this kit!

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