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For me, makeup primer has become the part of my makeup routine where I sit back, relax, apply my product, and ponder what type of “makeup mood” I am in for the day. It’s my little moment of reflection before I actually start applying my makeup, and it gives me time to decide whether I want to be a vampy vixen, a glowing goddess, or a modern day pin-up. The NARS Light Optimizing Primer SPF15 is a brand new radiance enhancing primer, which is weightless and oil-free, and helps preserve your makeup all day long while imparting a beautiful glow. I put this brand new makeup primer to the test…so, did it hold up?

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Bravo to NARS for creating a fantastic priming product that is oil-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free, and synthetic fragrance-free. Oh, and this also has SPF15, which means it helps protect the delicate skin on your face from the sun’s harmful rays! This basically has everything in it that I look for in a primer, and on top of that, it is designed to make your makeup last for hours upon hours without budging. I love that this particular primer is a Light Optimizing Primer, which means it makes your skin look revived, refreshed, and glowing.




I have oily skin, so of course I was worried about the “radiance enhancing” part making my skin look oily or greasy. Nonsense, child. This is NARS. They know what they’re doing, and they don’t mess around! My skin gained the most impeccable, delicate “candlelit” glow once I applied this.






I applied it to the back of my hand and blended it out, with the first picture blurred so you can see the extremely tiny light-enhancing particles in it. They are so fine that it doesn’t look like actual shimmer at all, which I love. It manages to stay sophisticated and will make every complexion look fantastic, even those with oily or aged skin that don’t want to be enhanced in a bad way…


I tested this primer out today at the eye doctor. I figured, if my makeup can withstand the eye drops, the eye dilation process, and all the various machines I’m putting my face up to, this primer is a keeper. FYI, my eyes were dilated at the eye doctor today for routine medical purposes, so my pupils are still extremely large in these photographs. I apologize that they look so freaky, but it took hours for the drops to wear off on my eyes!








Aside from the freaky, freaky eye dilation eye drops, this primer was AH-MAZING! The eye doctor put multiple eye drops in my eyes, so many that they were streaming down my face and eyes like crazy. I had my skin up to the eye machines, air blown in my eyes, and all kinds of other poking and prodding, and my makeup stayed right where it was from this morning. Not only did my makeup stay put, but it didn’t turn my complexion oily or greasy, and gave me a really nice, subtle glowing look to my skin that makes me look more refreshed. It wasn’t sticky or tacky, and on the flip side, it didn’t feel slippery like silicone primers feel either. Overall, this primer is a winner in my book. It’s actually my favorite primer in my entire collection, and I’ll be purchasing this and replacing it once this tube is gone!





The NARS Light Optimizing Primer SPF15 is a brand new addition to the NARS collection. Each primer retails for $34.00 USD and can be found at NARS counters nationwide, as well as online at NARS website. I truly believe that makeup primer is the key to a flawless, long-lasting finish and it’s all about finding the primer which hits all the right notes. This one does that for me.









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  1. I was waiting for a review of this primer. I expected it would be great and it is! I am definitely going to buy it. And your complexion looks very pretty in those pictures.

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