Maybelline EyeStudio Color Plush Eyeshadow Quad, “Olive Martini,” Photographs, Swatches, & Look


If you’ve ever checked out the Maybelline page here on Beauty Gala, you’ll see that their EyeStudio quad’s are one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes of all time. I own almost all of them, and when I saw that new ones were released for the autumn collection I made sure to pick up three out of four of them. Olive Martini is particularly stunning, boasting a uniquely gorgeous duo-chrome shade. The brown shade in this palette glows bright blue-green from every angle when the light hits it and it’s really a complex, fascinating color. I put together a really fun eye makeup look inside as well!




I picked up three out of the four newly released Maybelline EyeStudio Quad’s. Olive Martini, Cozy Cashmere, and Smokey Cinnamon. The fourth was a quad of blue’s and green’s if I remember correctly, but I passed on that one since I don’t tend to wear blue-green eyeshadow very often.








Olive Martini contains four eyeshadow shades: a shimmering champagne beige, a shimmering pale blue, a shimmering duo-chrome shade that is dark brown but flashes bright blue and green, and a shimmering rusty red-brown. Every single eyeshadow in this palette is just stunning. They are super soft and blendable, and they all have wonderful pigmentation. The duo-chrome is especially extraordinary!





I’m in love with how well these shades complement one another, and that duo-chrome shade. LOVE, love, love! It really catches the light from every possible angle and it’s quite a strong effect, so it’s noticeable on the eyes.




The greatest part about these shadows is how soft yet pigmented they are. They are never chalky or overly powdery, just really velvety and easy to blend. The look I put together using this palette took me less than five minutes and is super simple. I applied the pale blue shade to the inner corners of my eyes, applied the duo-chrome shade across my entire eyelid up to the crease (also along the lower lash-line), and then used the rusty-brown shade in the crease of my eye. I used the champagne beige on my brow-bone as a highlight, added some eyeliner to my bottom waterline and I was done!










The duo-chrome effect really stands out on your eye and looks like such a high-end makeup brand. It’s a really, really cool and gorgeous effect, and I guarantee you will get compliments on your eyeshadow when you wear this out! It’s a unique shade that pops on the eyelid.





Maybelline EyeStudio Quad’s are found in drugstores and mass retailers nationwide. These palettes retail for around $10.00 USD. This current palette is part of a newly released fall 2012 collection, along with three other newly released EyeStudio Quad’s.







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