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Milani Cosmetics Lip Flash Lip Pencils are high-voltage lip “crayons” for your pucker. These pencils are amazing in every way possible, and I was blown away by how pretty the color selection was. Each pencil is thick like a crayon, with a soft, smooth, rich tip that leaves a lipstick-like formula on your lips. Each of the eight shades has shimmer and “flash” to it, making them extra dramatic and unique. To see swatches of the full collection,






Milani Lip Flash is honestly a very impressive, innovative product from their ever expanding brand. This season, we are seeing a lot of lip stains, and these lip flashes are a cool burst of fresh air. Each lip flash has a thick, crayon/marker like feel to it, with a soft, pigmented tip. The lip color itself applies and feels exactly like a lipstick on your lips. The tip makes it easy to line your lips as well as fill them in, and every single shade out of the eight had great pigmentation to it. Each shade has a “flash” of some kind to it, whether it is micro-glitter, a shimmer, or a duo-chrome effect. These are absolutely gorgeous in person and on the lips, and I will be using these a lot this fall and winter. Swoon!

"Lip Flash"
"Lip Flash"

Lip Flash is a nude beige-brown with golden sparkle in it. This shade intimidated me initially, because I was expecting it to come out full-on brown. Instead, it washed my lips with a neutral mauvey brown that contained amazing gold shimmer in it. I love this one!





Newsflash is a dark, vampy burgundy shade. I was excited about this one because I recently saw an advertisement of Scarlett Johansson for Dolce & Gabbana, where she was rocking these vampy burgundy lips. She looked gorgeous with the color on her lips, and while I may need to wear this shade on a particular self-confident day, the shade is rich and sexy.





Flashlight is a burnt orange shade. This one applied the lightest out of all eight, giving my lips a sheer wash of coral, fiery orange that had sparkle to it. Beautiful for fall!




"Photo Flash"
"Photo Flash"

Photo Flash is a berry red. At first glance, it looks pure red, but it actually has that slight berry pink appeal to it, almost like Viva Glam Cyndi does. This shade is very flattering for many skin tones!




"Hot Flash"
"Hot Flash"

Hot Flash is your pure classic bombshell-red of the bunch, and a very exquisite one at that. The richness of the color, and the flawless application made me feel like I could easily and quickly pull off a red lip anytime of the day or night.




"Star Flash"
"Star Flash"

Star Flash is a sweet, feminine light bubblegum pink. The shimmer in this one is quite noticeable, and while the shade is too light for my skin tone alone, I intend to wear this one layered on top of another lipstick for shimmer and a dimensional effect. This is a great inexpensive dupe for MAC’s Viva Glam Gaga lipstick and lipglass, and it also has the added shimmer effect.




"In A Flash"
"In A Flash"

In A Flash is a bright, fuchsia berry shade with major duo-chrome and shimmer qualities to it. This one is actually my favorite of the bunch, because it was extremely flattering on my skin tone, and it looks so bold and edgy on the lips.





Flashy is a bright berry pink with a lot of shimmer to it. It is similar to “In A Flash,” but is slightly more bold and intense on the lip. My second favorite of the bunch!




If you are someone who was looking into MAC Cosmetics “Digi-Dazzle” Lipsticks, and you want some great dupes for those, Milani Lip Flashes are where it is at! These have the same shimmering, multi-dimensional quality to them, and they come in eight gorgeous shades. I was surprised and impressed with how pigmented these were. These are great lip colors to tote around with you because they are so lightweight and easy to carry. The only perceivable downside to these lip pencils is that they need to be sharpened, and you will need a pencil sharpener that has a larger than average slot. I personally use a pencil sharpener that has an average and a larger size, which I bought from Sephora, so this aspect isn’t a problem for me. But, a heads up – you will need one if you use these!

Milani Lip Flash Lip Pencils are available in drugstores nationwide, in the eight shades you see above, and retail for under $7 each.

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  1. Thanks for all the pictures with them on! I just bought News Flash and was so impressed with it I wanted to see how the others looked on, your site completely convinced me I need ALL of them!

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