Holiday 2012: Laura Mercier Colour-To-Go Portable Palette, “Cool Neutrals,” Photographs, Review, & Swatches


This Laura Mercier Colour-To-Go Portable Palette for Eyes, Cheeks, and Lips is the perfect gift to give to a beauty or makeup maven this holiday season. Cool Neutrals contains four coordinating eye products, as well as a second tier containing a lip gloss, bronzer, and blush shade. The size of this palette makes it the ideal “travel” palette…one you can stick in your makeup bag with you and go. I’ll be traveling this weekend, and I know I’ll be taking this palette along with me to save room in my makeup bag. I’ve got my full thoughts inside…




The size of this palette makes it absolutely perfect for anyone who travels a lot or is really busy and constantly on the go. This palette fits into the palm of your hand and contains two tiers so that it remains compact but still supplies you with what you need for your eyes, cheeks, and lips.




Cool Neutrals contains three eyeshadow shades plus a tight-line cake eyeliner: Diamond Pink (luster), Plum Smoke (matte), and Provence Purple (sateen). The tight-line cake eyeliner is called Violet Asphalt and is limited edition along with Diamond Pink and Provence Purple. The eyeshadow trio allows you to apply a coordinating makeup look with little to no thought, as it contains a gorgeous highlighting color, a mid-tone eyelid shade, and a brighter, deeper defining shade. The tight-line cake liner is the darkest shade and has the most gorgeous sparkle in it when it hits the light.




All of the eyeshadow shades were very pigmented and soft like butter. They applied beautifully and were silky as can be. The tight-line cake liner has a much harder consistency, and it was my first time working with this product. I admit that I swatched it like an eyeshadow at first, because that is what I thought it was until I read the description. After applying it with an eyeliner brush, it applied very opaque and smooth. The sparkle in the liner is absolutely stunning.






The second tier opens up to a lip gloss, bronzer, and blush. The bronzer is Golden Bronze, and the blush is Heather Pink. Both are absolutely gorgeous and impart a wonderfully soft glow to the skin. Again, I was pleased at how super soft these products were, too. Dipping my finger into the product felt like velvet!




This palette also comes with a limited edition lip gloss in Raspberry, which is a light berry shade. I did a full review on the Laura Mercier Lip Glace Kit for the holiday season here on Beauty Gala, and I absolutely love the product.




And, of course, I had to put the eyeshadow shades to the test for you guys on my actual eyes. The colors blended out beautifully and looked amazing. Purple is my favorite color and just so happens to really complement blue-green eyes, so this is one palette I can get behind. There is also a second palette that is just like this one but contains “Warm Neutrals” instead.


Overall: I love this palette from top to bottom. I think the eyeshadow shades are all beautiful and complement each other well. I love the inclusion of the tight-line cake liner in there so that you have something to line your eyes with in the palette. The bronzer and blush are soft and glowing, and the lip gloss is non-sticky, smells wonderful, and imparts a sheer raspberry shade onto your lips. This would make a wonderful gift for the holiday season, to yourself or a beauty-obsessed loved one!




Laura Mercier Colour-To-Go Palette for Eyes, Cheeks, and Lips is limited edition for Holiday 2012 and retails for $48.00 USD. There are two palettes available, Cool Neutrals and Warm Neutrals. You can purchase these at any Laura Mercier counter nationwide, as well as online at Laura Mercier’s website.








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