Happy 2013 – My New Year’s Eve Makeup!


I hate to be in the other room blogging while everyone in my house is having a wonderful time, but I wanted to get this post up because I love seeing New Year’s Eve makeup looks, and wanted to share mine. Of course, I went with glitter, because it’s the one time of year where you can never have enough sparkle. I cannot thank you enough for reading Beauty Gala all year long and making 2012 an enjoyable and prosperous blogging year for me. In March of 2013, Beauty Gala will be 3 years old, which is just insane! Inside, I’ve got a list of all the products I used to achieve the above look, as well as more photographs,


Khroma Beauty "Kourtney's Kardazzle" Palette


I used the Khroma Beauty “Kourtney’s Kardazzle” Palette. I applied the upper right-hand shade to the crease of my eye, blending it out well. Then, I applied the color below it, the shimmering brown, along my bottom lash-line. Then, I applied the shimmering burgundy brown over my entire eyelid. Next up, the glitter…





I used a glitter from an amazing mineral makeup company called Aromaleigh. Using a glitter adhesive, I patted it onto my eyelid so the glitter would stay all night long. I also lined my upper lash-line with black gel liner, and winged it out. I applied black eyeliner to my lower water-line and curled my lashes. Next up, false lashes! False lashes add so much drama, and drama on New Year’s Eve is fun when it comes to fashion and makeup. I used Khroma Beauty eyelashes. They are really wispy and long, and pull the entire look together.









I kept the rest of my look pretty neutral and simple since the eyes are so dramatic and glittery. I really love how it turned out, and the glitter is such a head turner!



May you all have a safe, happy new year!





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4 thoughts on “Happy 2013 – My New Year’s Eve Makeup!

  1. Omg I love this! It’s like a sophisticated New Years look due to the lovely burgundy brownish color, but the multicolored sparkles make it so gorgeous!

  2. Girl, WOW oh WOW.
    the title should have been:
    Happy 2013 – My New Year’s Eve Smolder Makeup! It looks very very very SEXY!!!!!! That glitter really makes the eyeshadow and your eyes pop.
    Truly impressed!!!

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