e.l.f Disney Villains Palette, “Evil Queen” Eye Look & Tutorial


I wanted to put the e.l.f Disney Villains Palette in “Evil Queen” to the test on my actual eyelids and see how it performed. The colors were smooth, rich, and blended perfectly. Besides being my favorite color ever, purple really looks great on anyone with any eye color. For me, it helps bring the green tones out of my eyes even more. The overall look I came up with has a brightness to it, but it still remains soft. To see how I achieved it, peek inside!


"Evil Queen" Palette


How To Achieve This Look:


  1. Apply “Peddler’s Cloak” over the inner half of your eyelid and apply “Potion” to the outer half of your eyelid. Blend these two together by using both sides of your brush with a patting motion. Apply these two shades to your lower lash-line in the same half pattern.
  2. Apply “Majesty” in the socket of your eye, blending upward slightly. Apply this shade to the middle of your lower lash-line only.
  3. Apply “Poison Apple” to the outer third of your eye, blending in well. We just want to darken this area up slightly. Also, apply this to the outer third of your lower lash-line for a smokey effect.
  4. Apply “One Bite” in the inner corners of your eyes for a pop of light. Apply black eyeliner to your lower lash-line and curl your lashes.



The Finished Look:








The eyeshadow blended really well and I was quite impressed with this palette. This would come out even more dramatic if you added some eyeliner to your upper lash-line and the lashes that come with the kit. I decided to keep it bright but still soft and sophisticated. The eyeshadow shades really glow on your eyes and make them look bigger and brighter!




If you’d like to see photographs, swatches, and details about this limited edition e.l.f Disney Villains Palette in “Evil Queen” click here.






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