Blue Liner featuring Colourpop “Prance” Crème Gel Pot

Colourpop always gets the best of me, especially when they are closing out on specific products and putting them on clearance. I grabbed their “Prance” Crème Gel Pot, which is a lovely pastel periwinkle blue eyeliner. I knew as soon as it came in the mail that I wanted to do a cat-liner look with it. Pops of color with eyeliner is an easy way to have fun with your makeup. The full look is inside, and psst…this look only took me about 5 minutes from start to finish.

Colourpop “Prance” Creme Gel Liner

This look took me 5 minutes from start to finish. I used a satin cool-toned brown on my eyelid, in the crease, and along the lower lashes as a base. I used “Prance” Crème Gel Pot and flicked it out into a wing. I used my Sigma E65 Brush for this because it’s a super small angled brush and I can get really precise with the lines of my eyeliner with it.

I applied a flesh-colored liner in my lower water-line to open up the eye. I used my Milani Eye & Brow Highlighter in Matte Cream/Luminous Lift. I did apply false lashes, but only because I wanted the look to pop and my natural eyelashes are blonde. If you do use false eyelashes, use ones that have a black band on them so that it creates the illusion of having applied black eyeliner along your lashes first, and then applying the pop of eyeliner over top of it. It’s an easy way to fool people into thinking you’ve done twice the work.

Kylie Dolce K
Kylie Dolce K

For my lips, I used Kylie Cosmetics Dolce K Liquid Lipstick. I really like using nude shades when working with blue on my eyes.

If you’re interested in “Prance” Crème Gel Pot, you can still find it on clearance here for $4.80USD on their website. It’s one of their “Bye Bye” products though, so once they are out of stock, it is not coming back. Hopefully they will be introducing some new shades of creme gel liner to us this coming spring!





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