April 26th 2012 archive

Inspired Look: Jennifer Lopez “Dance Again” Video Makeup


First of all, I must fess up and let you know that I absolutely love Jennifer Lopez. Beauty wise, I have always found her to be one of my biggest inspirations in terms of hair, makeup, and skin. She always looks flawless, and she practically trademarked “the glow.” I decided to watch the newest Jennifer Lopez video on my Vevo iPad app (and yes, I still watch music video’s for the makeup/hair), where I was instantly attracted to the very first makeup look she was wearing. Between flashes of strobes I was able to capture a few screenshots of the gorgeous sparkling silver, purple, and pink look. It’s definitely a bold makeup look, but I think it would perfect for a “girls night out” or if you’re going out somewhere for a special night. It’s fun, it’s bold, and it looks great on every single eye color. To see how I achieved this look, (more…)

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