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Spring 2012 Trends: New York Color Eyeshadow Duet in “SoHo Delight,” Pastel Colorblock Eye Makeup Look & Tutorial


The second I spotted the brand new New York Color display in the drugstore, I picked this eyeshadow duo up and thought of Katy Perry at the 2011 Grammy Awards. She was way ahead of the color-blocking trend and showed us a bright but feminine purple and green eye makeup look. This is not only very trendy right now, but it’s also springtime, meaning…have fun with your makeup! I really like this look because it’s bright and eye-catching, but it still manages to be soft and simple. To see photographs and swatches of the eyeshadow duo and how I achieved this super simple makeup look, (more…)

Mally Beauty Releases 24/7 Professional Gel Polish System


When it comes to trailblazing new beauty solutions, Mally Roncal is no stranger to firsts: the first to create “bulletproof” makeup that really stays put and the first to develop a truly clear translucent powder with her one-of-a-kind Face Defender formula. Now, Mally is revolutionizing the beauty landscape again as the first makeup artist to create a gel polish manicure kit that includes everything you need from start to finish! Here are four reasons why you should try Mally’s 24/7 Professional Gel Polish System:

  •  Lasts up to two full weeks; approximately twice the length of a traditional manicure.
  • Easy to apply and provides a glossier finish than traditional manicures.
  • Will not chip! It can withstand constant hand washing, typing, opening boxes, cooking, and is the perfois solution for that week-long vacation!
  • Completely dries as soon as your manicure is done since the UV light bakes it right in!


Mally Beauty is releasing this brand new product tonight, April 13th, 2012 at 10pm EST on QVC Network.


I’m personally really excited about this product because it takes the traditional gel manicure, which is extremely popular right now, and makes it available to do-it-yourself at home. Talk about not only saving money, but pure convenience!

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